General S M Shafiuddin Ahmed, SBP (BAR), OSP, ndu, psc, PhD
24 June 2021

General S M Shafiuddin Ahmed, SBP (BAR), OSP, ndu, psc, PhD has taken over the Command of Bangladesh Army as the 17th Chief of Army Staff on 24 June 2021.

The General was born on 01 December 1963 in a reputed Muslim and Freedom Fighter Family in Khulna. He was commissioned with 9th BMA Long Course in the Corps of Infantry on 23 December 1983 in Bangladesh Army. He has been maintaining a phenomenal military career having the blend of Command, Staff and Instructional experiences at different levels with Bangladesh Armed Forces and Overseas Peacekeeping Mission.

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Publish Date: 23 February 2023


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Bangladesh Army emerged during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. The mission of Bangladesh Army is to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bangladesh. In addition to its primary mission, the Bangladesh Army is also assisting the civilian government during times of national emergency.

Role of Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army intends to build a well trained and well-equipped deterrent land force to meet the traditional and non-traditional threats and challenges of 21st century. However, the roles of Bangladesh Army are:

To defend sovereignty and territorial integrity.

To plan and develop the mobilization of civil resources in support of land operations.