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Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) is the training institute for the officer cadets of Bangladesh Army. It is located in Bhatiary, near Chittagong HIll Tracts, in the Chittagong District of south-east Bangladesh, about 13 kilometres north of Chittagong. The Academy is situated on the slopes of the Sitakunda hill ranges and the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The Academy was initially established at Comilla Cantonment on 11 January 1974 and later relocated at Bhatiary in 1976. This Academy was awarded National Standard in the year 1979.

BMA is the only academy for training commissioned officers and transforming a civilian into one of the finest and most professional military officers in the world. It has a rich tradition of leadership training and excellence. BMA Cadets are immersed in a military-oriented environment, gaining a graduate education and leadership skills through a rigorous curriculum. They learn what is required to be an Officer in today's Army while preparing themselves for future success. From 1983 the officers of the Bangladesh Navy and Air Force must take three months training from the academy.

BMA Honour Code

A gentleman/gentlewoman cadet shall lead a life of honour and integrity. He or she shall not lie, cheat or steal.