Army Recruiting Unit

There are Branch Recruiting Units at many districts. Recruiters at Branch Recruiting Units are some of the most experienced Soldiers in the Army that's what makes them qualified to tell you about what the Army has to offer. Some have served overseas, some have seen combat so you should feel free to ask them about how the Army has helped them meet their goals. Better yet, ask them how the Army can help you reach yours.

Basic Training

Basic Training is a training course that transforms civilians into Soldiers. Over the course of time these recruits learn about Army Values, how to work together as a team and what it takes to succeed as a Soldier in Bangladesh Army.


Upon the completion of Reception Week, recruits begin training and participating in field exercises while learning the importance of team work.

Basic Training

Through marksmanship training and rappelling exercises recruits learn new skills and develop the confidence it takes to become a Soldier.

Basic Training

Soldiers continue with their weapon training and participate in the Night Infiltration Course, which prepares them for the next stage of training.

Oath Taking Ceremony

On completion of the basic training all recruits undergo with an oath taking ceremony.


After completing Basic Training Soldiers are posted to units.